Customer & Employee Attraction, Retention, & Engagement

Using our consumer-facing platform, 4MeNU, nsight2day helps individuals and organizations truly engage with one another. Using innovative tags, users can share information with their network in context. We call these nuggets of information Gems. Gems for you could be:

  • A love note at the site of your first date

  • A happy birthday note from granddad every year

  • Encouragement from a friend at work on your first day

  • A reminder to yourself to call a friend when you get to NYC

  • An event announcement for a nearby venue

  • A discount for the coffee shop across the street

  • The names of your client's children as you approach her home

  • A thank you from a colleague for help you provided

  • Feedback on a restaurant some of your friends have recently tried

  • A safe haven in a foreign city at a moment of need

And because they are tagged, Gems allow organizations, friends, and loved ones to access information you share with them in the right time and place.

To start using Gems for free today, register here.

To find out more about how your organization can use Gems to engage students, employees, customers, or other key audiences, select either the "Academic Institutions" or "Companies/NGOs" tab at the top of the page.

Read our press release (02/19/2013)