What's nsight2?

We are a social engagement company that provides strategic and technological support that enables organizations to create communications for their internal and external communities that are timely, relevant, and actionable.

Our company, nsight2, is comprised of two parts:

nsight2day is our technology services arm, through which we provide organizations with communications tools that can be integrated with what they are already using to facilitate more engaging communications. Universities use our technology to collect information and alert students and staff on campus (and abroad) about the risks that are near to them; corporations use our platform to collect feedback from customers; nonprofits and NGOs use our tools to collect inputs from the field, and to enable their people to share valuable information with one another.

MeNU is a free application that we offer to individuals and organizations that gives them the ability to leave geo-tagged messages/notes/reminders for their friends, followers, customers, or members in the world.

What's the problem that you help solve?

We connect people with the information they need when they need it, based on who they are and where they are located. We enable organizations to add to their messages the dimensions of place and time. This lets organizations send the right message to the right people, and not over-communicate with those for whom the message isn't relevant. The result of tailoring messages is that recipients receive fewer of them and are more likely to be driven to perform an action as a result of receiving a highly relevant and timely message.

We've seen first hand how communications platforms fail to match information supply with demand and provide critical information in the moment of need. Communications that aren't personally valuable don't just overload us all, they inure us to streams of information. The negative consequence of this is that we aren't driven to respond effectively to the majority of the messages we receive. By increasing relevance and timeliness, organizations can enable actions and create change, respond to risk, collaborate more effectively, etc.

How is your technology different from other companies'?

We've developed a platform for organizations to engage their communities in entirely new ways. Our technology enables organizations and individuals to leave geo-tagged messages that are anchored to a place and time in the real world for a specified group of individuals. This can be used by administrators and managers as well as people at all levels of the organization to support them and their colleagues in their professional or personal lives (e.g., by leaving reminders to perform actions in the real world, recommendations, insights and ideas, or whatever drives them.) By ensuring geographic specificity of communications, we help organizations and individuals coordinate actions and create value, and support each other in their common goals.

What if the Internet is down can I still use the platform?

A loss of Internet connectivity could impact some nsight2day features. If Internet access is lost on the organization's network, communications can continue using mobile Internet and text messaging. Indeed, if the mobile Internet remains accessible, most members of the community can be contacted through almost all the same nsight2day channels. Subscribers can also access administrative dashboards to evaluate risks and communicate with members of their community through mobile devices or by contacting nsight2day staff to act as their proxy. Additionally, subscribers can access recent member location data even if they can't query them about their exact current location.

What if the mobile phone system is down?

A failure of the mobile phone network will disrupt parts of nsight2day's services in proportion to the scope of the failure. If mobile Internet services aren't functioning, but text messaging remains operational, nsight2day's platform can rely on text messaging as well as "desktop" communication delivery (e.g., website, social media pages). If text messaging is down as well, then only desktop communication delivery messages will work. Subscribers can access administrative dashboards to evaluate risks and communicate with students through desktop devices or by contacting nsight2day staff to act as their proxy. Additionally, subscribers can access recent member location data even if they can't query them about their exact current location.

What if the local phone system is down?

The nsight2day system doesn't rely on the organization's phone system, so services will be largely unaffected.

Can the application/platform be used by those without smartphones?

Community members without smart phones will have more limited services available to them than others in the community. They can still communicate with administrators using the text messaging capabilities and desktop communications channels. In addition, an individual without a smart phone can use another individual's smart phone to check in during an emergency. We recommend that organizations provide those who do not have the means with smartphones, even if you don't subscribe to nsight2day services.

How can I ensure visitors receive important messages?

Visitors can be asked or required to download the app, or use a school provided phone that has the app pre-installed during their stay.

What if an individual doesn't want to share their location with the organization?

Each organization will have to set its own policy in accordance with local laws. nsight2day can configure its services to track location information "always," "opt-in," or "opt-out." nsight2day never shares an individual's location information, or other identifiable information, with third parties except where the individual has given express permission.