Management Consulting and Advisory Services

Bespoke Consulting & Advice. nsight2day provides ad hoc advice and research on a broad array of managerial issues, including social media use (see below), strategic planning, financial re-engineering, employee engagement, product innovation, change management, and sales excellence. We draw on our own personal work experience and that of our world-class advisory board to deliver cost-effective, proven solutions to the most important challenges facing our clients.

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College & University Support. Through our "LEARN @" program, nsight2day works with a growing network of colleges and universities to augment their research and event capabilities, providing them with innovative tools to engage corporations in their regions. Our services help them raise funds, improve student employment prospects, and generate new faculty research opportunities.

Social Media Consulting Services

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Climate Change Update (June 27, 2013)

Corporate Tax Reform Update (July 2, 2013)

How We Can Support You

Execute smart moves online by contributing to conversations within niche issue verticals...
  • Establish your company's brand message and convey expertise to online influentials on key topic areas.

  • Ensure your key messages reach all online influentials, regardless of social media channel, across key issue areas.

  • Assess online sentiment and respond effectively to shifts in opinion on key issues by influentials.

  • Out-maneuver competitors by using social media to activate advocates on behalf of your brand.
...and sharpen the impact of your traditional communications efforts.
  • Integrate social media tactics into your overall communications and outreach strategies.

  • Identify and map influentials by vertical issue area.

  • Use online audience sentiment to position in-real-world communications.

  • Impede and stop the spread of misleading information.


  • Conduct capabilities assessment for readines to use social media or current effectiveness in using social media.

  • Develop or review social media strategic plans.

  • Develop or review communications strategic plans.

  • Determine thought-partnership opportunities with like-minded online allies.

Heat Maps

  • Monitor and data mine in high-resolution and real-time online conversations to identify trends and key risk & opportunities.

  • Identify the most influential online voices and mapping opportunities to engage them.

  • Generate risk alerts for urgent developments or significant shifts in sentiment, and implement pre-defined responses.


  • Develop guidelines for experts, staff, and other stakeholders to generate digital content.

  • Create content banks that experts, staff, and other stakeholders can use to amplify key messages.

  • Edit or ghost-write social media content.


  • Build and grow an engaged follower base.

  • Increase the reach of key messages to more stakeholders and influentials.

Campaign Integration

  • Visualize social media activity for use in traditional marketing efforts.

  • Integrate social media into marketing campaigns.

  • Leverage "pop-up" coalitions to deliver social media messages more broadly and effectively.

How We've Helped Others

Multi-lateral Congressional Branding Campaign. A leading fashion company's government affairs group wanted to design a campaign to begin rebranding itself to the members of Congress. We helped shape their multi-month campaign design. All aspects of the campaign unfolded better than anticipated, except for one - key partners didn't want to participate in the social media components. We provided the group with suggested tactics to get those partners on board, which the client subsequently did successfully.
Online Expert Followership. We helped a client develop a content strategy and blog for one of its leading in-real-world experts who didn't have a digital presence. The expert now has a strong online following, including by a key media player in the client's space. The client attributes the expert's blog to have a positive commercial and public policy impact.
Optimal Social Media Policy Design. Dozens of associations and corporations have revised their social media policies in light of our guidance, shifting from a focus on preventing employees from sharing the wrong things and instead encouraging their employees to share the right stories and messages. In the process, they have reduced the frequency with which employees share undesirable or questionable information.
Legislation Pre-emption. A financial services association and a member firm wanted to forestall legislative efforts to extend FINRA regulation to Certified Financial Analysts. We advised these clients on their in-real-world and digital advocacy efforts. The clients credited that strategy for the Committee Chair's decision to table the proposed legislation indefinitely.
Social Media Strategy Foundations Recast. A global pharmaceutical company had been using social media for years to shape public perceptions and public policy. We helped the company reassess its social media strategy, leading to substantial changes in priorities and resource allocations. The social media manager there noted that previously they had become very comfortable with being a social media leader, but we made them realize that they had overlooked foundational principles that compromised their overall effectiveness.